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LorraineFire Artwork & Cosplay

See About page for videos on how to put on and adjust the wire ears that I make.



(As of 28, January 2021)

I've managed to get a full time job! Hopefully it goes well. In the meantime this does cause delays and schedule rearrangement.

Youtube: I plan on still having speed draws posted every Monday and Wednesday at noon as this can be scheduled in advance. The livestreams, however, have to be moved. They will still be Fridays but at 4 PM (16:00) PST.

Social Media: I already suck at posting these. I hope to manage a post once a week, probably Saturdays about when I post to Patreon.

Patreon: My aim is no changes to this.

Sales: As I do have a couple online stores (through Square and Etsy) this is a concern. Anything ordered that is currently in stock should still be shipped within 24 hours.

Commissions: As I will not be able to concentrate all my time to these, it will necessarily take me longer. My goal is that any commission is complete and shipped within a month of the order. They will still be completed in the order I receive them.

2021 Appearances (Possibly? who knows...):

Wine Country Spring Opener, Prosser, WA, March 26

Two Rivers Medieval Faire, CANCELED

MisCon, Missoula, MT, May 

Lilac City Comicon, Spokane, WA, June CANCELED